Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've been gone for a long time.

I've been scared for almost as long.

What if I start blogging with gusto again and there is some awful event and Blogger fails and takes my work with it?

I can't have that happen again.


I'm going to find a few older blogs, post them and update you, (the Gentle Reader) as well.

Below you'll find a post from December of '08.

Currently "Contractor Doug" is working on our basement.

We reconfigured the stairs to allow "real" furniture to go down there.
(After discovering that the "refinished" basement that "The Fella's" did was in fact, a "cut-corner job".)

All the sheet-rock has to come down as there is no vapor barrier and the work itself was rather...

So, Doug and I are still finding places to have lunch.


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  1. As God is my witness, my blog will never be deleted again!

    You tell 'em, Scarlett.