Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cheese Guy, Part Deux

I, too, am a Journalspace refugee. I worked really hard on my husband's website. I am still in a bit of shock over the loss... and we have been lucky to have a few friends email us cached copies of old entries (Much thanks to Jordan, Class-Factotum, and Chowhound's MplsM ary).

Now the putzing begins. Like I have nothing better to do than copy all the old text into Word, reformat, and repost here. Adding photos. Redoing the template of the blog into something actually interesting. For me this is hard work, because to quote Bones, "I'm a doctor, Jim, not a computer programmer!" Anything you saw on CG's old blog was the result of quite a bit of trial-and-error on my part. I didn't really understand that we needed to back up our blog (or how to do so). The irony is that I spend a good bit of my time helping other doctors adopt new technology.

Where's a ten year old when you need them? I think my DVD player has a blinking clock....


CGG (Cheeseguysgirl)

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